Theoretical background:

Research on scientific misconceptions has been one of the favored topics in science education literature for the last thirty years. The thorough research of misconceptions in the fields of physics,chemistry, biology, and even history has started in Hungary about a decade ago. However, geographical misconceptions have stayed out of the scope of these studies so far. Yet, numerous international studies have proved that a wide range of misconceptions exist in geography as well. Since misconceptions strongly discourage successful conceptual change in any subject taught in schools, their revealing is essential for teachers and students alike.

ARLI JURE 2012 conference: A Learning Odyssey: Exploring new horizons in Learning and Instruction.

Konferencia helye, ideje: Regensburg, Németország, 2012.07.23-2012.07.27. pp. 75-76.


Dr. Kádár Anett