Te geographical education in Hungary has to face a lot of problems: students’ diminishing interest, lack of creative and engaging textbooks as well as educational materials that foster multisensory learning and the everyday applicability of the geographical information, decreasingnumber of lessons, and old-fashioned teaching practices. The MTA–SZTE Research Group on Geography Teaching and Learning aims at developing a student-centred, activity-based and problem-oriented toolkit to facilitate the methodological renewal of Geography education in Hungary. Our central goal is to develop and prepare worksheets for students which concentrate on the geographical characteristics, processes, and problems of some typical Hungarian regions and settlements. Te worksheets were tested in the primary schools that are afliated with the research group. Preliminary results show that the tasks help to facilitate meaningful learning and knowledge transfer.

Geometodika, 4., 3. pp. 33-47. (2020)


Farsang Andrea
Szilassi Péter
Csíkos Csaba
Szőllősy László
Kádár Anett
Pirkhoffer Ervin
Pál Viktor
M. Császár Zsuzsanna
Teperics Károly