Theoretical background:

Conceptual change has been one of the hottest research themes of contemporary educational research since the 1970s. The emergence and development of scientific misconceptionsis a closely related study area of conceptual change. Although international research on geographical misconceptions is substantial, Hungarian educational research lags behind in the investigation into geographical misconceptions as well as scientific misconceptions in general. The definition of misconception used in the present study is that of E. Korom’s, who states that misconceptions are concepts, systems of concepts, models of certain environmental phenomena that are not in accordance with the generally accepted present-day scientific knowledge, which are deeply rooted in the cognitive structure of children and adults alike, strongly resist to any formal education, and, as a result, they are difficult to change (Korom 2002, 139).

EARLI JURE Pre-Conference: Responsible Teaching and Sustainable Learning.

Konferencia helye, ideje: Munich, Németország, 2013.08.26-2013.08.27. Munich: 2013.


Dr. Kádár Anett