The emerging global problems of our world have led to the development of the concept of sustainable development. Sustainable development today no longer deals only with the effects of human activities on the environment, but also, more broadly, with issues of social equality and responsibility.Sustainable development issues are integrated into the teaching and learning process through the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) initiative. The subject of geography can be a pioneer in the implementation of sustainable development and sustainability topics in schools. The study aims to examine the role of geography in teaching sustainable development in Hungary and England. It examines the emergence of the Sustainable Development Goals, launched by the United Nations in 2015, in the geography curricula. It also analyzes the appearance of the components of skill development and attitude formation related to the topic. The study was performed using the MAXQDA 2020 software.

Modern Geográfia, 16, 2, 2021: 21–41.


Varjas János