The development of technology led the world to a new vision. People are very busy and they need applications that help them. To-do list applications are beneficial for anyone who wants to manage and organize his program efficiently, without forgetting things, especially the important ones. JavaScript Frameworks give a helping hand in terms of popularity, easy-to-use, and integration, using new technology in favour of the developer and user. In this paper, we will compare two main JavaScript frameworks: Angular and Vue.js.

Megjelent: 16th International Conference on Engineering of Modern Electric Systems

Konferencia helye, ideje: Oradea, Románia: (EMES), (2021) pp. 1-4., 4 p


Ovidiu Constantin Novac
Damaris Emilia Madar
Cornelia Mihaela Novac
Bujdosó Gyöngyi
Mihai Oproescu
Teofil Gal