Educating science subjects has raised several problems in the past few years both in Hungary and internationally. Several questionnaire surveys have been realized on attitudes towards science subjects in Hungary and internationally, too.The teacher’s personality is a key factor as it is in the centre of the whole teaching process. In our present research we have been applying the method of half structured interviews with the aim of learning more about general attitudes concerning science subjects with the help of exploring school experiences in a retrospective way. Analysing the interviews, it turned out that there is a deficiency regarding the methodological diversity of teaching these subjects. Some practical pieces of advice were also mentioned, such as teacher’s empathy, helpfulness or patience. Interestingly enough, only few indicated the abundance of subject contents and their being too abstract. The analysis of these interviews helped us reveal those factors that predominantly affect attitudes to science subjects, the suggestions must be taken into consideration and used as guidelines for our further researches.

Proceedings of EDULEARN16 Conference

Konferencia helye és ideje: Spain, Barcelona 4th-6th July 2016


Jász Erzsébet

Magdolna Chrappán

Edina Malmos