The devaluation of science literacy is not today’s problem. In several countries expenditure spent on education has grown, numerous thorough and long-term reforms have been introduced, however,with little success or positive effect. In our search based on this, we aimed to analyse students’ attitudes towards science subjects in public and higher education from different aspects. In our present paper we try to focus on the results based on the students of University of Debrecen who filled out selfcompleted questionnaires. The questionnaire includes a module of subject preferences, several question blocks on methodology and the use of various school equipment as well as questions about the attitudes of teachers and students’ learning habits and motivation to learn. From the answers it becomes evident that the main methodological tools of teaching science subjects include uninteresting subject contents, lectures and explanations as well as sketches drawn up on the board. It is a controversial data that rank numbers related to either subject preferences or their usefulness and variedness does not show attachment with the fact whether a student is majoring in natural science at present.

Proceedings of EDULEARN16 Conference

Konferencia helye és ideje: Spain, Barcelona 4th-6th July 2016


Malmos Edina

Magdolna Chrappán

Jász Erzsébet